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Caribou Hunting Tips, good methods to kill your caribou

Tip One: Never hunt alone. This sounds like obvious advise, but we all know there are many hunters out there that don’t keep safety in mind when hunting caribou or are on any other big game animal trips or hunts.

Tip Two: Keep the weather in mind. You are normally very far north and clothing is an important and sometimes lifesaving item in your supplies. The outfitter or guide that you hire should be able to keep up on upcoming weather reports to help you plan out a caribou trip.

Tip Three: Take along a compass. This can save your life if you get separated from your party, outfitter, or guide. Remember that you can be in the middle of the wilderness and if you get separated from your party then this little devise can save your life.

Tip Four: Once you have shot a caribou, make sure it is indeed dead. We have all heard of the hunters that thought their big game was dead and when they got up to it, they found it was just wounded. Caribou can attack if they feel threatened.

Tip Five: Your going to want a good scope on your rifle. Most cases your shot will be more then 100 yards away at least. Taking the time to sight in your rifle is a must. Many outfitters or guides know of places that you can set some equipment up to do this, but it is best to already have your gun sighted in before going out to hunt caribou.

Tip Six: Don’t forget your water. You may have to hike a ways to get to your hunting spot. Also remember that you are in the middle of wilderness country and it is not a forgiving place.

Tip Seven: Waterproof clothing or at the very least boots should be in your list of equipment. It will be a bad day when you find out that your feet are now wet from not having the right boots or that one of them have a hole in it and you didn’t know. Make sure that you know that the boots or clothing you wear is in good condition for your caribou hunting trip.

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